MSM Missing the Story

As I write, 15 or so hours after the World Cup final, there is a fascinating illustration of the advantages of the Blogosphere vs Mainstream Media.

The story of which I speak is the sending off last night of Zinedine Zidane for a headbutt on Marco Materazzi, and in particular, the speculation as to what provoked the Frenchman As can be clearly seen in the BBC video stream entitled "Highlights: Italy 1-1 France (Ita win 5-3 on pens)" (for which I cannot provide a link due to BBC misdesign), Materazzi pinches and twists Zidane's left nipple 13 seconds before the headbutt. The incident is clearly caught on camera in the stream (look 2minutes, 15 seconds into the stream) and last night on television. This video doesn't actually show the pinch, but does show Zidane twisting as Materazzi pulls on him.

In the BBC commentary last night, there is reference to Zidane being held, but no reference to the pinch.

Today, as I write, a Google blog search for "Zidane nipple Materazzi" returns 40 blog posts. A Google news search for the same text returns a single story from the Belfast Telegraph. This seems to me to be a textbook case of the Blogosphere picking something that MSM groupthink has missed/ignored.

And, amazingly, it has happened in arguably the biggest sporting event in the World.